Kristin Diable is a natural fit for the lead. Her story is relatable and engrossing. - MATTHEW JACOBS (The Huffington Post)
I dug the documentary stuff kicking around in it. The interview thread worked really well.” - BILL ROSS, award-winning documentary director (Contemporary Color, Tchoupitoulas)
It leaves you feeling at peace with the world and in love with the beauty of an honest life. - NICKI NEWTON-PLATER (Movie Critical)

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{the film}

{production notes}

"Rejected by the music industry that promised her the world, a talented young singer retreats from the glitz of Los Angeles to her humble home in rural south Louisiana where she reconnects with her father, a quirky widower, and the small-town friends she thought she had left behind."

Written by Jeff Roedel in collaboration with friend and star Kristin Diable, Forever Waves began with a shoot in Los Angeles before moving to various locations across south Louisiana—including Baton Rouge, Breaux Bridge, New Orleans and various points in between.

Post-production on Forever Waves was completed in the fall of 2014, and the film premiered at the Louisiana International Film Festival in May 2015...

The film stars Diable (acclaimed musician) and David Jensen (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Traffic) with supporting performances by Joe Chrest (Stranger ThingsTrue Detective) and Maggie Koerner (acclaimed musician). Also appearing in the film are Luke Ash, Barrett Black and Brendan Blouin. Diable's original music is heard throughout the film with the addition of one song written and performed by Ash.

Forever Waves was directed and co-written by Roedel. Lawles Bourque served as director of photography with additional footage shot by Mark Landry (Los Angeles) and William Greiner (Louisiana), who also took production stills. Alex Faucheux captured the production sound, and Jerry Gilbert and Jason Dotts handled sound editing and mixing. Chris Aaron edited the film, and Bourque and Andrew Drazek provided additional post production. Katie Swetman designed the official poster.

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{behind the scenes}